November 29, 2002
This seems to be off the ground now!

Hey, this is Daniel here. I am glad that a few of you have spoken up! This makes me more aware that I am absolutely NOT the only crossdresser in the country. It may seem like I'm the only one in my school, but this is because nobody is willing to talk about it.
Sorry, I do not have any advice on experimenting with FTM, largely since I am MTF.
I can say, though, that if we are man (or woman) enough to challenge our gender roles and dress in clothing of the opposite sex, then we also have the guts to challenge society's standards even of our "correct" uniforms! It is terribly unfair that girls are told to dress sexily and then called "sluts", and called "prudes" if they don't. If men have the right to dress as women (and vice versa), then all people have the right to dress as sexily or modestly as they wish within their "own" clothing too without being called either a slut or a prude! Society has some very wrongheaded views on many other things, too - for instance, "masturbation" is often regarded as a four-letter word. We all need to realize (and apparently you guys do), that society is not always right!

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