November 29, 2002
This seems to be off the ground now!

Hey, this is Daniel here. I am glad that a few of you have spoken up! This makes me more aware that I am absolutely NOT the only crossdresser in the country. It may seem like I'm the only one in my school, but this is because nobody is willing to talk about it.
Sorry, I do not have any advice on experimenting with FTM, largely since I am MTF.
I can say, though, that if we are man (or woman) enough to challenge our gender roles and dress in clothing of the opposite sex, then we also have the guts to challenge society's standards even of our "correct" uniforms! It is terribly unfair that girls are told to dress sexily and then called "sluts", and called "prudes" if they don't. If men have the right to dress as women (and vice versa), then all people have the right to dress as sexily or modestly as they wish within their "own" clothing too without being called either a slut or a prude! Society has some very wrongheaded views on many other things, too - for instance, "masturbation" is often regarded as a four-letter word. We all need to realize (and apparently you guys do), that society is not always right!

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November 26, 2002
breaking across and up and down

Right on Emily, Daniel, and Jordan! I dig everything you're saying. Myself, I'm wondering if anyone has advice for how to experiment with FTMing without falling into the behavior that a lot of brothers are forced into: you know, all the negative masculine baggage that makes up the manly equivalent of the eating disorders/low self-esteem Emily's talking about. How do you give up the gender you've built your shields up for, and still keep your good stuff protected from the new one? Or, has anyone out there done some work on making up their own gender, cause if you have, please hollar out.
Peace and translove for everyone (especially Jordan), Claire

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November 16, 2002
Why a hetero (non CD, non trans) female supports the crossdressing revolution

Hey Jordan. As someone who knows you at Oberlin (this is Emily!), words cannot express how delighted I am that you have brought the strength, beauty, confidence and self-expression of your spirit at Oberlin to the world-wide community of the web. Here you are such an empowering and admired force and I am glad that the web will be able to benefit from your presence as well! You truly are an inspiration.

In terms of transgender issues, your website has really opened my eyes to the complex web (no pun intended) of issues! I support transgender people, and am a big fan of anything that pushes arbitrary societal construct such as breaking the boundries of gender. I try to push these boundries myself although I do not crossdress and consider myself a mostly heterosexual female with some bi-sexual tendencies. But I feel I identify with (or at least deeply resepct) the transgender community because I too have never been content with my gender.

It is interesting to read a lot of your and other MTF perspectives.You say you strive to be graceful and beautiful, as you define those characteristics feminine, the gender assigned to me according to my sex. Yet I guarantee you about 99% of girls like myself (non CD, non transsexual, I believe you call them g.g's?) also strive for this and feel they fall far short. Although g.g's have a much greater freedom of expression in their clothes, they are subsequently bombarded by society's perscriptions for how to look beautiful and feminine, which are often impossible and contradictory: They tell us to dress sexily but call us sluts, if we don't dress sexily we are prudes. We must wear makeup, but look "natural." True, beauty is a thing unfairly standard for females and widely unaccepted for males, yet that very beauty attributed to women's clothes and grace is the exact standard that strangles so many women. Eating disorders, low self-confidence, and self-worth valued by how beautiful women look are all consequences of the "freedom to express themselves and be beautiful" that is given uniquely to women.

Subsequently, I believe spreading the crossdressing revolution will eradicate many of these problems and restirctions on women as well as men. If men are also being judged by beauty and preparation, and women can let themselves hang loose and manly, we will live in a world much more free of gender expectations. This is why I support the CROSSDRESSING REVOLUTION!

Reading your webpage made me want to express the problems I have identifying with the feminine gender. In society today, the concept of the feminine gender is glorified and fetishized, but never the smells, shapes, and expressions of the girl herself who can be anything from feminine to masculine, societally beautiful to non-beautiful.

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