January 12, 2003
Nicely Done Jordon, and Kudos to all those who dress.

Hello, my name is Lonnie. I crossdress. (Argh! Sounds like an AA meeting might!) {Smile}

Jordon, you've don'e well with your site, very nice. And to all those people out there who dress, MTF or FTM, may your dreams come true. I will admit I'm not a teen or youth (well, compared to my grandmother maybe!), since I'm 34, but I've spent the last 26 years working towards personal goals, and I finally reached a few. I went full time as of 1 December, 2002, and haven't looked back. Work, play, shopping, library, the works... as a woman. I remember the fears, the nervousness, the terror, as I learned what I was, how it affected me and how I was going to deal with it. I know the youth of today have it no less difficult than I did, sure social values are changing... but they're NOT that different than what I lived in (hey! I'm not THAT old!).

This is a long journey, for each person, and it's different for everyone. I've lost friends, family, jobs (!) and more due to this 'choice' I made. But we all know better... it's not a choice. It's not something you can shelve and ignore, it WON'T go away. Trust me. Information is the key, for yourselves and for society. The few postings I've read here are solid, honest comments, no hype, no flames, no childish antics... exactly what is needed to help spread the word.

I ramble too... in any case, I'd love to talk to anyone who might be interested, I imagine my stories are tame, but maybe I can pass on some wisdom, or even learn some from you.

Email me at 'lornix@lornix.com'. I'm also online often on AIM, Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger. write for my screennames.

Take Care,


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