October 20, 2002
Transition from JTCP

This is written for the crossdressers migrating from my old web page, Julia's Teen Crossdressing Page.
It's true, I'm phasing out the old page. By January it may not exist at Bianca any more because I'm not sure if I'll extend my membership. However, I've archived a copy on transyouth, so it's not disappearing totally.
Hopefully, the content that I have on transyouth.net will be as interesting and fun as the content was on JTCP even though it won't cater just to MTF crossdressers. I hope you enjoy the news, the new chat room, the community glossary and blogs, faster bandwith and new layout that we already have up. I may continue to do crossdressing-specific content, just like I would try to have transsexual and intersexual specific content. I'm now committed to the entire trans youth community, not just MTF crossdressers anymore.
MTF crossdressers are by far the largest group in the transgendered community. Just as any majority should do what it can to incorporate, integrate, honor and be committed to minorities, so should we. I hope you will join me as I try to reach out and build solidarity with our brothers, sisters, and others in the transgendered community. I encourage you to submit your ideas, art, poetry, articles, links, everything you can think of, to learn about the issues other types of trannies face, and to feel welcome in our exciting new community.

Posted by julia at October 20, 2002 12:54 AM

We are members of Tri-Ess, a support group for heterosexual crossdressers. We are also starting a new chapter in northern Michigan. In doing that, I am setting up a website. In the course of setting up the website for the new chapter, I wanted to put something "out there" for the teen crossdresser. I found your site, and became ecstatic! It is the only thing I have found written by a young person for a young person and containing a mature perspective. BRAVO! I would like to link your site to ours as a resource, but would like your approval in doing so, as you might be contacted through here by a young person. Would you be willing for that to happen? I e-mailed you several weeks ago, mentioning that I knew very well of Oberlin. (That may spark a memory.)

Hope your visit with family in the Phillipines was enjoyable and you are refreshed and ready to go at it again. What are you doing in Chicago? Pursuing more music? Sure wish you could post more of the Beats. Live sure knew their business on this one!

Carol Leigh

Posted by: Carol Leigh on October 23, 2003 10:41 AM
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