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Thursday, July 29 - 1999

Hi guys!

Nothing exciting's going on, but I just felt like writing. I tried painting my toenails for the first time today...It's so much harder than it looks!!! It was quite messy. I left it on for a while but then tried to take it off with nail polish remover, but it turns out that's even harder to do! I still have little outlines of red nail polish on my toenails, so now I have to wear socks all the time. Do'h! Oh well, my fault. If anyone has any tips on painting nails, lemmie know.

So, sorry I haven't been updating the site this week...I just started a new job monday that has been keeping me busy. I think I might want to renovate this site a bit though...I've been having a lot of ideas lately about stuff to add to the site. One thing I've been meaning to do for a long time is to add images...It's not like I don't know how to add images or do cool designs to my site, I just chose not to when I made it so that I wouldn't get distracted from focusing on content. But now maybe it's time. What do you think? Anyway, see more ideas to see some of my ideas.

love julia

Friday, July 23 - 1999
I'm back!

It's nice to be back. Yay! I'm at home right now, wearing a nice cotton blue dress. Not that I didn't crossdress on my travels...Once some girls put my hair in curlers and I got a nice perm, and once I convinced all the guys I was traveling with to wear skirts with me for a day. Hehe! It was fun.

I also found out when I got home that my best friend had told two of my other friends that I was a crossdresser...One of whom I thought would never accept me as one. Yikes! I could have killed him for doing it, but he did not do it with malicious intentions. He thought it would help my friendships, and it did...I recently found out that one of the friends he told is gay, so we both had our secrets exposed. It made me closer to both friends. Now, guess what??? All of my friends know that I'm a crossdresser and are fine with it! It's really a nice, rewarding feeling and I totally recommend it. :)

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