Join the Crossdressing Revolution

EVERY SO OFTEN in the history of mankind, small groups of enlightened thinkers will have enough distaste for the present conditions of life that they will choose to reject them. If they are radical enough to fight the overwhelming mainstream values of society, and if their ideas are genuine, people will listen. Once enough people realize how wrong the current conditions are, things start to change, and a revolution is born. This is how society evolves.

THE TIME HAS COME AGAIN. THE REVOLUTION HAS ALREADY STARTED. Thanks to the powers of communication via the internet, society is able to evolve faster, and transgendered people from around the world have already bonded and rejected the current strict definitions of gender. You may have noticed that more and more people are crossdressing in public...This is because more and more people are realizing that crossdressing is healthy, and are willing to do it no matter what people think. We are taking risks--We know that not everyone approves of what we're wearing, and we risk being ostracized, scolded, made fun of, laughed at, expelled or suspended from school, fired from work, or even being victims of violence. All of these things happen to transgendered people of all ages every day. But all of us have such a distaste for the current gender "rules" that society tries to enforce upon us that we're willing to take these risks.


*(Assuming they're at least decent, and by that I mean not naked)

Do you agree with these statements? If so, please join the revolution by following the instructions below. You can also officially declare yourself a member of the revolution by signing your name in the revolution guestbook if you want, though if you want to remain private, that's fine too. The important step is following these instructions:


CROSSDRESSERS, we need you to keep doing what you're doing. Don't give up. Spread word of the revolution, keep supporting your friends, and keep dressing in public. Come out to whomever you are willing to, and let them know that you're not ashamed about it. And since you are the enlightened radicals of this revolution, try to be the ideal that people should model. Make them be jealous of how happy you are, and let them know what they're missing.

NON CROSSDRESSERS, we need you to spread the word. Let your friends, family, and society know that what we're doing is acceptable to you. You don't have to march around in a skirt for the revolution if you don't feel comfortable doing it (though we'd all appreciate it if you did!), but we do need your support. Get the word out!


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