I've gone back and forth on how much censoring I should do on this site ever since I created it. I recently found out this site was banned from SurfWatch--While I understand how an automatic computer algorithm could deem this site inappropriate, it's still frustrating to be partially blocked from the very audience I'm catering to. I wonder how many teen crossdressers have surf watch.

Ever since the internet was first threatened with censorship from the government a few years ago, I've been vehemently opposed to censorship because it would mean that sites like bianca and this site would be illegal. But I also keep this site open to my friends and family, and have been a little embarrassed at some of the content posted here. I don't know. Here are some of my issues:

Against Censorship. I don't think this site is inappropriate for any particular category of people (like age groups, sex, ethnicity, or anything silly like that). I think it's a ridiculous idea that kids are pure the day before they turn 18 and then they're suddenly capable of handling porn, rated R movies, cigarettes, etc. the day they turn 18. I don't think this site is explicitly offensive, but it's not for everyone either. I'm not about to generalize and say if you're under 15 and three quarters, you're not ready to handle this site or anything like that. It really depends on the type of person you are, not what category you fit into.

For Censorship. There are a few teen transgendered webrings that I'd very much like to be a part of, but my site doesn't qualify for them because it has adult material. I don't want to censor, but part of the purpose of making this site was to have contact with other teen cders, so being on the webrings would have been nice. I'm guessing their policy is that they want to introduce crossdressing to youngsters as a pure and healthy practice, and they can't do that if it's associated it with porn and offensive stuff. I think that's a great idea, but I guess I want this site to be more for teens who can handle more mature content.

For Censorship. This is my site, and I can do what I want with it, so I don't necessarily have to feel guilty for censoring things if I don't want to. It's not like I'm censoring the entire internet or am violating the first amendment or anything if I do censor.

Where I'm at right now--I won't censor this site to the point where I'm SurfWatch approved, but I am going to censor it more than I have been. I've never permitted SPAM, but I've also decided to eliminate porn and things that make crossdressing seem like a fetish. This includes censoring the dares page--I figured out my purpose for having the dares page, and some of the dares didn't fit that purpose. I want this site to be fun, but I also don't want to have anything on this site that I'm embarrassed about.

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