Below is a link to the old chat system which you can still use, but I hardly ever go to it anymore...

Chat with Julia

Come chat! I particularly love chatting with fellow crossdressers, but anyone is welcome. It works just like any bianca chat page...If anyone else is there, hit "reload" to see what the most recent post is.

Chat Etiquette

These are not rules--I have no control over the chat (aside from creating it and deleting it) and I'm not there to constantly monitor it, but these are some guidelines that I and some other regulars have come with.

This chat is pretty ghetto. You don't get a list of people who are in the chatroom like any normal type of chatroom, so you have to speak up when you come in. I recommend saying something like "This is Juliateencd, logging in, at 4:35 PM CBT." CBT is Crazy Bianca Time--For some reason they have the right date but never bothered to set their clock to any standard US time. So we use CBT. Don't forget to log out too so that people know when you're gone.

To see if people respond, click on "show new messages." You have to do this kind of frequently to see if anyone's posting anything. You can click on "auto 5" or "auto 15" and have the page refresh automatically every 5 or 15 seconds to see if people respond, but remember to turn it off before you try posting again.

HTML is permitted in the content of your chat field, but not your name field. Since only biancanuts (members of bianca) are allowed to have html in their name field, then if you see juliateencd in bold, purple italics you can be sure that it's me. Unless someone hacks my account.

The password is "skirts"


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