Teen Fashion Trends

I've taken down the fashion trends that depicted stereotypes on this page. Somehow when I was trying to categorize "trends" I managed to overlook the harmful and ignorant stereotypes I was creating. I apologize to anyone I offended, especially the true ravers out there, and I will only use clothing to describe any future fashions.


Why crossdress unless you have some finesse? Dressing doesn't have to be about putting on any old raggedy skirt you find in the give away pile. I think each dresser should develop their own taste and style. And who better is there to take some tips from than the real g.g.s themselves that have been doing it their whole lives? Here's a list of current teen and twentysomething trends I've noticed in the fashion world today, in absolutely no logical order.

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photo courtesy of Gap, Inc.
The Gap Look

The gap look is generally not too feminine, though it can include skirts and dresses. Fabrics include denim, khaki and cotton, and most patterns are plain. It's a very "plain" look, usually a tank top with khaki or jean shorts or a skirt. I think the gap look draws from the fact that g.g.s look good in masculine clothes, but that doesn't do us crossdressers much good. It's a neat trend that's worth mentioning, but unless you have a pair of boobs or look feminine in plain clothes anyway, you might want to try another look.

Photo courtesy of 1 800 COLLECT

Leather is definitely in and sexy right now. The best example I can think of is "Eva Savelot," who wears leather a lot and looks dynamite. Leather is certainly eye-catching and can look stunning on women. Unfortunately, men wear leather too, so it's hard to make it work as a CD look. But if women can look so stunningly feminine in it, I figure we might have a shot with it too, it'll just take some finagling to make it work right.

Photo Courtesy of Bebe
Urban Night Out

When my two female friends and I went shopping at Bebe, we were all looking for things to wear for new year's eve. That's exactly the occasion I would use to describe Urban Night Out--A little dressy but not formal, but with lots of style. Urban Night Out clothes are things you might wear if you were out clubbing, or out on a date in the city. Things you would wear to look sexy without being completely formal--Women's black pants, short skirts, tight dresses, nice tank tops, etc.

(Random) Popular Clothing Items


Photo courtesy of Claire's Accessories
Butterfly Clips

Ok, so butterfly clips were most popular a couple years ago, but I still like them. Use them to create several parts in your hair to for a simple but elegant way to dress up your hair.

Photo Courtesy of Nordstrom
Cropped Pants

Cropped pants were a style that I believe started in Germany or somewhere in Europe, and recently exploded in the US. Now you'll see girls during the summer wearing them as much as shorts. Personally, I don't like them. I don't like where they're cut--Perhaps as a tall CD they remind me of how most normal women's pants would look on me anyway--Only coming down to just below my knees. I dunno, I just think they're kind of ugly.

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