See my Friends

See my beautiful crossdressing friends! I've wanted to do this for a long time, but it took me a while to find people that would give me pics of them. Don't worry, I never post pics without permission.

Here's the scoop: If you'd like your pic posted, send it to me along with an email saying I have your permission to post it, and tell me whether or not to use your email address. Please, only post pics of yourself with your face showing (otherwise they're boring), and don't give me any obscene pics. Thanks!


- andrea1.jpg, andrea2.jpg, andrea8.jpg, andrea12.jpg
I met Andrea on yahoo messenger. She was very generous to me with her photo collection. She's lucky enough to have an accepting girlfriend to lend her clothes and take pics of her in them! Look how well those platform shoes fit on her!!
Andrea would also like everyone to know that she's also on yahoo messenger--Look for andreateencd.


- chirsta1.jpg, christa2.jpg
(new) Christa introduced herself to me via email...She found me on Stephanie's teen CD webring. She's recently sent me two new photos--Her as a guy (before) and her as a girl (after).


- erin1.jpg, erin4.jpg, erin5.jpg, erin8.jpg
It's girls like Erin that make us other crossdressers want to stop trying, she looks so good. I also met Erin via email.


- amanda.jpg
Amanda sent me this pic months ago but I never put it up...I'm such a slacker! Sorry Amanda! This is a pic of her in a black dress and platform shoes. Very cute.


- kathryn.jpg
Kathryn is a transsexual friend of mine I met online. It also took me forever to put her pic up. Her homepage is under construction but includes a bio and a poem. The pic is kind of fuzzy, but she's in a beautiful strapless blue prom dress, and looks great! In the pic she's taken no hormones or had any surgery. I didn't know strapless dresses could work on us CDs, but it does with her.


- cheryl1.jpg
(new) This is a cute picture of Cheryl, a 17 year old crossdresser who has "been doing it for a while but never gone out." It looks like she's wearing a short blue velvet dress. Her eyes are closed but she still looks very nice.

Laurie Ann

- laurieann.jpg
(new) Laurie Ann is an intellectual CD I met online recently. She has a very sophisticated look. This is a pic of her in a red jacket and navy blue skirt. She's not a teen, but this page is open to CDs of all ages, and besides, we could all take some tips from her!


- jenny1.jpg, jenny2.jpg, jenny3.jpg, jenny4.jpg
(new) These are some great pics Jenny sent me. (A different Jenny than the one on the links page.) Although she's not wearing any wigs or makeup that I can see, she still looks quite feminine in her trendy dresses and adorable poses.

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