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Fri Oct 18 10:28:38 2002
Emmanuel Garcia ( said:
Dear Julia R.,

I know you are not the one reading my letter because you have some else doing this work, but if you are can you please mail me a picture signed by you.

Wed Oct 9 19:10:10 2002
Jessica ( said:
Hi Julia,

Like your site. I am a transsexual. I am planning to be a woman 24/7. My wed site is

Sun Oct 6 10:47:54 2002
Jamielynn (anonymous) said:
Whats up?cool site.

Fri Oct 4 04:51:46 2002
andre ( said:
great site cool pics of your freind andrea gave me some great idaes

Thu Oct 3 13:14:35 2002
anonymous (anonymous) said:
I love this site. Im 16 and ive been dressing up as a girl when nobody is around since i was 9. i love every thing about being a girl and one day i will be. I started going out in public as a girl just this year.Its great to go in public as a female and to go to wig stores,lingire stores,and clothes stores dressed as a girl even when they now your a guy. i cant what until i can really be a girl thanks for the chance to express myself

Tue Oct 1 13:01:58 2002
Angela D. Ingram ( said:
Well i think the sites wonderful im a 19 yr old trans female and im still working on getting my srs i plan to be fully female in a yr or so keep up the good work giggles...

Sat Sep 28 10:40:20 2002
Jason ( said:
This site is pretty cool. I am not a CD yet but soon I will be thanks to all the encouragement I have had from this site and some other places keep up the good work I agree with you on everything you have said Julia

Fri Sep 27 17:02:09 2002
Ms. Evelyn ( said:

hi to all...

interesting site...
keep up the good work....

I love to hear what different people
consider to be their FAVORITE nail
polish colors (and brand)...

~Ms. Evelyn (937) 254-6649
adults only:

Wed Sep 25 18:32:46 2002
Noodle ( said:
(Noodle, Is just a internet handle, Not my favourite food:))

First, Off I'm 22 (That dosen't disqualify me or anything does it? :D)

HI, I'm cd curious, I did (And still do) Like to try on my mothers dresses, I even once admitted to my parents about going to a fancy dress party as a princess,I'll admit that crossdressing is an interest of mine and I probably should confront my family fully about it?

The only thing is, I don't want to "Live the life", I just want some where to go were I can get done up and try the experience fully, Even if it's only for one day(Though it might lead on from there?)

In short,I was just wondering if there is anyone from Perth, Western Australia that visits here, That could give me clue as to where to go or who to see in Perth, that would do this?

Sun Sep 22 19:38:36 2002
lizzy girl ( said:
i started a teen crossdressing chatroom on yahoo in the community section if any teens wanna have girl talk or need advice.


lizzy girl

Sun Sep 22 03:06:07 2002
Stef (anonymous) said:
great site and a good message for every one out there that wont let us be who we are. One day i wont be afraid.

Mon Sep 16 08:59:51 2002
amv ( ) said:
please try this web site ---

amv -- pass it along --- i do this for a living by the way !!!

Thu Sep 12 02:59:40 2002
Stanley ( said:
Hey crossdressers of the world, im Stanley, a 56 year old Grammar school tutor of fashion design. Ive been making dresses for my partner for many years- my favourite fabric is tweed! Silk is also very nice.... Hummm, silk! Get back to me. Im serious- i need to know more people are like me- my fabric fetish gets me down.
Luv stan

Wed Sep 11 00:46:04 2002
Pat Garth ( said:
I love to cross dress as does my friend David, we can't get enough of it!! But we find it hard keeping up with the latest fashions and also find that we don't have enough money to buy clothes for both our personers, i find rumaging in bins help, i've got one of Christine Hamiltons dress, which i love wearing, it's so comfy!
Lots of love, Pat and Dave

Tue Sep 10 14:22:12 2002
lizzy girl ( said:
hey if ya wanna have some girl talk fe mail me. i ll talk to any crossdressers who need advice. i am 15 and love every thing about crossdressing. been doing it for about a year. by the way Julia, cute site, i love it.

Tue Sep 10 11:11:24 2002
markjr ( said:
It's great to have to share an common interest in cross dressing without fear.

Mon Sep 9 00:47:44 2002
donna ( said:
thank you! I'm a transsexual (yep!-finally said it!) and I think this is a brave and decent site, and a help to me and other young TS people! We all have to fight for our rights-TS's even more than others-and every voice raised for tolerance and against the busybodies and witchburners is a step forward...if I can assist, letme know.

Sat Sep 7 23:25:38 2002
Marty ( said:
Hello Julia I love your site and I love crossdressing although my wife does not approve of it. I love your pictures you are very beautiful. My fantasy is to have a crossdressing session with you but I know that would
/could never happen but its nice to fantize anyway.

Fri Sep 6 10:25:09 2002
joanne age 14 ( said:
Hi I'm not a cross dresser but I'd like to say how very brave people are to express them selves.I respect there choices and feel greatly sorry for the ones that get bullied for it.


Thu Sep 5 01:30:58 2002
Kylene Devlin ( said:
Wow, let me say... I love your web site and now that I've found it... You can bet I'll be back. You look stunning, and I am very impressed. I love your VR Flash animation, and I can't wait for a new one! In closing I'd just like to say, good job, once again, and hopefully your site will only get better in the future.

Thu Sep 5 00:06:04 2002
mery ( said:
hello they are a crossdresing are content that is persons like you that they inform people on the world of crossdresins a kiss a Mery friend Italy

Mon Sep 2 00:12:17 2002
submissive ( said:
I am a submissive male who loves to dress up and would like to for my wifes friends husbands, any dominant males out there please e mail me!

Thu Aug 29 21:19:17 2002
j. vance ( said:
i got here by searching the folowing: tight hot pink suit heels, hose and makeup! I love tight skirts and never see them unless i wear em .

Sat Aug 24 12:03:58 2002
Lee (anonymous) said:
You have a wondergul sight and are a commendable person.
I wish more people would be so open and honest as you!
Good luck, you sweet, wonderful person!

Fri Aug 23 02:23:21 2002
Rickie Lynn ( said:
You have a very intersting site I to have been crossdressing since i was about 8 years old .

Wed Aug 21 20:58:05 2002
Rhonda Allen ( said:
I was wondering are there catalogs available for Rainbow or the other stores? If there is catalogs available please e-mail me back. Thank you for your time!!!!!

Tue Aug 20 18:22:45 2002
princess ( said:
you should real make a banner for your web page julia

Tue Aug 13 03:51:39 2002
Chris ( said:
Cool Site

Sat Aug 10 09:16:47 2002
Wilma Irish ( said:
Excellent quote on "Crossdressing Is Heathy".... Live life to its fullest to BOTH extremes... Society >>> Follow a multitude of fools or find the narrow seldom used routes to find what is RIGHT for YOU in THIS life >>> The Energy of Life continues for INFINITY

Fri Aug 9 04:22:31 2002
cornelius ngun za boi chawnzo ( said:
I am inviting to make friend to you when you watch this comments,you can mail me freely as you like to be genuine and true friend ok?
Because i would like to learn some of your language,since i am interest to learn linguistic. I expecting you will let me down.

Thanks with regards

Mon Aug 5 21:31:25 2002
John (trish) ( said:
Hi Julia love your web sight.I love to dress in girls cloths i like to do it fulltime too.

Sun Aug 4 16:52:20 2002
anonymous (anonymous) said:
i am kylor and i'm for a 10 year old to date

Sun Aug 4 16:50:07 2002
kylor ( said:
can i get a picture of you

Sat Aug 3 17:10:42 2002
chris (anonymous) said:
i love the dares section is fun, i m doin a couple right now

Fri Aug 2 11:55:10 2002
clarke ( said:
i love wearing ladys leather jackets jeans and skirts

Thu Aug 1 17:13:41 2002
jenny ( said:
i have been tg for years but ilive in a small town in ks and can not fully express myself i do not feel i am gay but when i am in full dress up or cdrag as it may be called i would do whatever it took to satisfie my mate when i nam dressed up i feel like a real woman i have a nice womens body but my voice and adamsapple dont help

Wed Jul 31 20:35:00 2002
chris( no femme name yet) ( said:
i m 14, just startin out, i need some other ppl around 14 or so to talk, but so far i m lovin crossdressing, i wish i could wear what i wanted, but i don't want to be beatin up every day, but i will eventually come out , but my question is when is the right time? n how should i say it i m very confused. some 1 to talk to like my age just startin out, some 1 who knows what i m goin through.

Sun Jul 28 05:56:22 2002
Ronny ( said:
Really nice site! Have some interesting stories to pass along to anyone interested. Thans~you Julia

Fri Jul 26 11:42:50 2002
~DoNuT~ (anonymous) said:
Its all good!

Fri Jul 26 06:08:27 2002
joey ( said:
your beautiful continue your quest to become the girl that you are or want to be

Tue Jul 23 16:01:22 2002
Daniel Ernsberger ( said:
The name listed is my "real" name. I do not really have a "femme" name. This is THE first site for teenage crossdressers I've found! This site has good insight into not needing to be normal and I can see connections to acting in the face of fear. I've read the "dares" section and I will try some of them out. I will probably eventually muster up the courage to tell my parents. This is one site I will be coming back to!
When I do tell people, I might lose some friends, I might get grounded, and my sister might hold a grudge against me for a year. But in life's game, telling people would score big points!

Mon Jul 22 13:03:30 2002
ilickum ( said:
I love lingerie. I'm not sure if i'm gay or what. I do love women. I get dressed up in a teddy, high heels and fishnet stockings and go to parks. It's exciting to me. I know it's dangerous but I can't help myself. I have had sex with 6 men, at the same time, in parks. I like to act like a slut and cruise the parks all night. I would like straight women to watch me and call me "slut" Do I need help or what? I would like to be one of the women in a big orgy - with real women of course. I wish I could be a sexy woman. If I was I probably be a porn star. Anyone in the Portland Oregon area? Email me

Sun Jul 21 05:12:34 2002
Rachel ( said:
I love dressing, i have been fully dressing for two years. my wife loves it . shes always buying new clothes and shoes. i would like to talk too other crossdressers and meet some here in phx az . drop me a line.............Rachel

Sat Jul 20 11:26:16 2002
Briana ( said:
I am a very straight crossdresser, I would love to chat with same...

Sat Jul 20 09:47:02 2002
Casey Haggard ( said:
I am a heterosexual male crossdresser looking for a woman interested in the same

Sat Jul 20 04:21:16 2002
RACHEL ( said:
looking to meet other crossdressers with my wife

Fri Jul 19 09:41:53 2002
Trenton Smith ( said:
I am 14 years old. I am also a new crossdresser M2F! I have no idea what i am doing!! If any body has any advice it would be very helpful. E-Mail me at

Thu Jul 18 10:31:55 2002
Megan Detar ( said:
I love Juila Roberts. If anybody has any info about her please e-mail me ASAP!!

Mon Jul 15 14:41:32 2002
Johan ( said:
Nice page for good sex

Fri Jul 12 13:50:02 2002
Christina Morrigan ( said:
Wow Julia, you are one foxy babe, really like the pic. of you in the black vinyl dress, I applaud your courage in following your desires so openly. My partner and I are swingers here in the UK, and we would love to see crossdressing here practised so naturally and beautifully. Looking at your site has really made our night.
Love from Christina and Steve xxx

Mon Jul 8 20:19:35 2002
Dennise ( said:
I am a closet CD help me get out of the closet

Sun Jul 7 22:56:23 2002
Trish (Tom) ( said:
Hi, I am sort of new at crossdressing. My parents don't know and I am afraid to tell them. I am 16 Years old. I thought I was a weardo and all alone. But now that I know I'm not I feel Much Better. What kind of things do you like to wear?

Sun Jul 7 20:53:23 2002
traci ( said:
do you think it's fair that because you are oldre than someone they fake their ages?

Fri Jul 5 11:04:45 2002
Ami ( said:
This is a great site that has helped me a lot. I hope many more people will come here for help too. Another good site is

Wed Jul 3 07:40:28 2002
Sean Patrick Webster ( said:
hi i would like to say first of all that this is a nice wedsite an that i would like to know if any body could show or give me some hint on how to come out of the closet. next...
My name is Sean webster. i'm of coarse a teen cross dresser. i have been doing it since i was 10. Now i am 13 and i'm starting to qustion my self. i can't seem to find the true me. it's like Dr. jekle and Mr. hide. i can't tell what part of me i like more. i can't even tell why i cross dress or why i like it so much. i have wrote a few counslers online and one responded and said he couldn't help me(he didn't cross dress) So i thought what is there was an older teen that did and mebey he could help me under stand myself. so i'm righting you today if mabey you can help me find my true self and what road to take.
Sean Webster

Wed Jul 3 02:22:25 2002
chisco nigeria (chisco@guymen.nigeria) said:
keep off.

Fri Jun 28 16:36:55 2002
Brittani Leigh Adkins ( said:
Julia I'm your #1 fan. I read everythimg about you. I'm 13 if you really do read this which u prob wont just email me. I know youre busy. Bye
From MAryland

Thu Jun 27 18:54:36 2002
grant cole ( said:
I llike to crossdresser
for enjoyment and sexual pleasures any suggistion

Sun Jun 23 13:49:59 2002
jon griner ( said:
love your site if you know of any clubs in ct where i can go out to please email me thank you as i like to be called kathy

Sun Jun 23 09:00:55 2002
RADale ( said:
I find this website is a valuable resource for all people. Though I am not a CD, I understand the issues have no problem with them. Keep up the good work.


Mon Jun 17 06:15:22 2002
mike ( said:
hi i would like to say first of all that this is a nice wedsite an that i would like to know if any body could show or give me some hint on how to come out of the closet

Thu Jun 13 12:43:34 2002
louis (scruylouie 11) said:
can see them?