More Ideas

I always have some more ideas for this site. This is really more of a list to myself, but feel free to look at what else I have planed for this site:

  • Crossdressing motivation - how to get yourself out the door
  • More Crossdressing Revolution stuff
  • Being a feminist and breaking stereotypes
  • Feminine Shampoos, soaps, lotions, + perfumes--A guide to smelling good
  • Excuses: A list of excuses to use while you're shopping for women's clothes (for starters...eventually you get comfortable enough that you don't need excuses)
  • Hidden Identity crossdressing--I thought of an easy way to pass which is to cover your face...Veils, traditional Islamic women's clothing, etc.
  • more links
  • gender is complicated--How the concept of the sexes reaches far beyond your genitalia
  • Personal stories
  • Crossdressing tips and ideas
  • Message to Teens (have fun while it's still acceptable!)
  • Where to get clothes?
  • My Wardrobe / Favorite outfits
  • Crossdressing Ethics (stuff on borrowing, stealing) (I'll say it now...don't.)
  • Be careful on the internet
  • More on gender ambiguity

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