Julia's Teen Crossdressing Page!


    Welcome to                  my teen cross-
   dressing page!               In an effort to
  express myself as             a crossdresser, 
  I've made this an-           onymous page. I
  hope this site can          be both a fun page
 for cross dressers and      an educat- ional site
 for non-  crossdressers. This is NOT a  porn site
or any    type of site that's inapropr-    iate for
young-    sters (hell, I'm a teenager m-    yself!),
but if    you're offended by such mater-    ials yo-
u're      free to leave at any time. L-     ike now!
 But      please, if you're a crossdres-    ser or
are the   type of person that's open to     new id-
eas,      come on in. I'm trying to open    people's
minds.    Think about it. We've taken s-    ome big
          steps in understanding and acc-
         epting differences in sex, race,
         and religion. We've even started
        taking a few steps forward in the 
        issue of sexual orientation; we're
       nowhere near where I think we should
      be about it, but at least we're aware
     that a somewhat large percentage of the
     population is gay. But there's one issue  
    that western society is completely in the 
   dark about--transgender issues. Crossdress-
  ers and transvestites, transsexuals, and int-
 ersexuals are all a minority that society is 
 completely ignorant about. No one seems to real-
 ize just how big the transgendered community rea-
 lly is. Please step inside to learn about me, and
 about gender, crossdressing, acceptance, and more.