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March 26, 2001

Geocities finally decided to enforce their no leeching files policy, blocking all outside access to members' files, which created all the broken images on my site. Sorry about all the horrible broken images that were there for a couple days.

I love Bianca, but they're starting to drive me nuts...One, because they don't host anything but html files, so I have to host my image and flash files somewhere else, and then things like this happen. Two, because they don't allow FTP or telnet access, so when I need to update every page on the site, I have to manually download them all using a web browser, and then copy and paste each of my 40 HTML pages into a web form on bianca. Zeesh. But they're cool people and run a cool place.

Besides, it gave me an excuse to update, which was long overdue anyway. I haven't done anything since last summer, including check email-I have a daunting 358 messages waiting in my inbox to be responded to (ok so many of them are from teencd and don't need to be directly responded to, but still) and I'm almost out of quota. I apologize to everyone that emailed me for not responding, and I still promise to reply to everyone even if I'm more than 8 months late.

So what's been keeping me? Well, my workload hasn't been helping-I'm very busy doing lots of stuff at school. But I've also been less inspired to work on this site, and rethinking what I want this site to be. I'm almost 20 now, which makes me not a teen anymore-Do I change "teen" to "youth?" I won't be youth for long either. Do I just make a regular trans page? Or do I stick with teen, catering to them even though I'm not one anymore?

Also, I'm positive I want to change the page to be inclusive of all transgendered people, not just MTF crossdressers, I just haven't had the chance yet. I've also come a long way in my thinking about trans issues and haven't had the time to keep the site up with my thoughts. So I've been meaning to do a major revamp, and have been taking my time thinking about that instead of updating.

I'm up to tons of trans stuff...I guess I've been reluctant to say this, but I'm writing a book, A Survival Guide for Transgendered Teens. I started it last summer and worked on it over winer term in January. This is a book that, as you all know, desperately needs to be written, so I was paranoid that by announcing it before I'd written it someone else might take my idea. But whatever. So I've been busy doing that. We also finally started a Trans support group at Oberlin this semester, which has over 10 members and has been quite successful. And we've been planning this year's Trans Awareness Week, which starts April 9. Leslie Feinberg is coming to Oberlin to speak!! So I've been helping to fundraise for hir and for other speakers to come. It's very exciting.

I also got to see Leslie give a talk at Bowling Green University last October, which was thrilling. Sie had a booksigning afterwards and I got to meet hir, and I even mentioned my book which sie seemed interested in. Sie also signed my copy of Trans Liberation, which made my week. Hir speech was incredible...It was about grassroots organizing and building coalitions between trans, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, minorities, women, and pretty much anyone that's oppressed. You have to see hir in person, sie's amazing.

My mom's been more and more supportive, which is wonderful...In December she was going through her closets and putting stuff in bags to give away, and she let me have anything I wanted. I'm on spring break now, and today I finally wore a skirt and a velvet top in front of her, the first time I'd ever dressed in front of her, and she didn't seem to have any problems. Now I feel like I can dress almost anywhere, which is great.

My winter term was wonderful-I spent it at my Godmother's working on my book. She was writing too, and so we'd read to each other what we'd written every night over wonderful dinners she'd cook. Somehow, maybe just through intuition and years of experience, she seems to know a lot about this stuff, so I had lots of great conversations with her, testing out some of my ideas and opinions. She also encouraged me to write when I didn't want to, and helped me work out a lot of stuff with what I'm doing, what I want to be doing, etc.

What else...Some friends and I have been meeting with administrators about trans issues-Trying to get gender identity and expression included in non discrimination policies, trying to get rid of the M & F checkboxes on applications and forms, trying to get coed housing and bathrooms, and more trans awareness, etc. And so far they've been surprisingly receptive to us. We'll see how much actually gets done, but it's been exciting to think that we might actually get the college to acknowledge our needs.

That's it...I better go to bed. I'll do my best to catch up on emails over spring break. Take care-
love julia

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