Warning--Although no portion of this site is adult-only, some of these links go to adult sites. You may or may not get another chance to leave before viewing adult material if you click on some of these links. You have been warned!

Transgendered Resources

These are some sites I found randomly when searching for questions like, "what does transgender mean?" for my what is a crossdresser? page:

Planet Out. Cool stuff--Go to their People>Trans Land section. Lots of frequently updated articles, as well as trans movies, top 10 lists, and resources. An authentic place for trans entertainment and resources.
The Transgender Forum. Lots of resources and a chat that I go to sometimes.
Diane's Transgender Resources. A REALLY cool page with TONS of links...Much more personal than the rest of these pages.
Brenda's Domain. A wonderful support page I just discovered with lots of information. Courtesy of Wilma.

Crossdressing Links

Other Crossdressing pages and tips.


Hair Styles. I'm in constant search of sites with stuff to do with your hair...So far this is the only one I've found.

Makeovers Upload your photo and give yourself a makeover, or test different hairstyles, hats, and lipsticks. It's not as good as Cosmo's Virtual Makeover 2, but on the other hand it's all online and it's free.


Planet Out and IFilm. While these are cool enough places to visit alone, they also have some transgendered online movies (for fast connections). Unfortunately I can't link to anything because both pages use frames, but be sure to check out "Jake: Today I become a man," a documentary about a 13 year old drag performer. I was going to do a trans movie review section on this site, and I still might, but Planet Out has a gigantic, comprehensive section devoted to trans movies.

Nyssa's Wonderful Links

Nyssa just keeps sending in more and more great sites! The following are pages she's submitted:

The Transgender Museum
Transsexual, Transgender, and Intersex History

Crossdressing Tips
Cindy's Oasis
Developing a Female Voice
Marsupial Tucking
Hair Removal Comparison
How To Crossdressers guide
Michelle's Tips and Tricks
Voice Training
Yvonne's Place for Crossdressers
Transformations - Cleavage

The Web Site for The Transgendered Bride and Bridesmaid. I love bridal gowns...

Anonymous Web Surfing

Transgender Graphics and Fiction Archive

A thousand thanks to Nyssa!!!

Other Teen Crossdressing Pages

Great! Thanks to Donna and some other submissions, I finally have some teen crossdressing links. Email me if you have any more.

Mandy's Place. A nice teen crossdressing site. Cute layout.

Sarah's Room. I haven't had time to explore this much, but it's another nice teen transgender page. It has lots of links.

Friends' TG pages

Stephanie's page for Crossdressing Teens. This was the first teen crossdressing site I found and it has a lot of content on it. It was a real inspiration to me, and if it wasn't for her site I probably wouldn't have created this site. I just got to chat with Stephanie for the first time recently, and she's a wonderful gal.

Alex's Crossdressing Homepage. Alex is a friend of mine and a regular to this site. Her page hasn't been updated in almost a year but it's still a nice site.

Lazzzzy star. Lazzzzy is another friend and one of the regulars on this page. Her page has an artistic and interesting combination of drawings, crossdressing, mp3s, and pictures.

Karen's Korner. This site is awesome. It has tons of pages, including a cheerleading page, a swimsuit page, a top ten list, a Woman of the Month page, a picture page, and much more. I also just chatted with Karen for the first time, and she's another wonderful person.

Autobiography of an Androgyne. A really neat page that rarely gets updated, but still has a great layout, beautiful pics, and some interesting views.

Jenny's website. Jenny is another regular to this site, and created a great page faster than I've ever seen before. I watched her create it, and she put up a diary, her bio, poetry, links, a guestbook, and pics of herself all within a week. Very impressive!

(new) Aubrey Lynn Frost's page. Aubrey is a GREAT looking girl and her site is frequently updated, has lots of pics, and well thought-out journal entries. I've also met her online and she's very friendly.

(new) Lara's Page for Transgendered Teens. Lara has a cute new page with some tips on hair, clothes, and shopping, as well as pics, a journal, and documentation of her outings. She writes very intelligently--My favorite quote of hers is "We can put a man on the moon, but we haven't put timers on disposable cameras yet." Something I've thought many times myself. If any of you were to invent one, you'd stand to make lots of money from the CD community. :)

(new) Christa's School Uniform Sale Page. Christa's a regular to this site (see my see my friends page for pics of her) whose site is not fully up yet, but this is a page selling her old school girl uniforms, which don't fit her anymore.

Webrings, Clubs, etc.

Nyssa (I don't know if she wants her email published) has given me a bunch of wonderful links. These are some great webrings she gave me links to, some of which I have subscribed to:

Yahoo's Transyouth Club - a great place to hang out at! Includes a message board, calendar, and tons of links. I am a member of this club.

The Transyouth webring - I am not a member here because my site is not eligible because it contains adult material. Still, it has lots and lots of links to other teen transgendered.

Stephanie's teen crossdressing webring - I'm sort of a part of this, though I feel bad because I don't like putting banners or webring images on my main pages, so all I have is this link...

Gender X webring - another webring I'm sort of a part of, though again I'm kind of copping out because I'm not putting banners or images up...

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