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VRCD 1.0
irtual Reality Cross Dressing!

Never crossdressed before?
Wish you could crossdress right now?
Why not try my newest invention, VRCD?

Click Here!
(You'll need flash.)

Other models (including FTM ones) coming soon!

(Ok, version 1.0 is just an animation, but I'm still proud of it!)

What's up--

It's been forever since I updated again--sorry...And I'm still trying to catch up with my email before I do any more updates...Hopefully the VRCD will keep you entertained meanwhile. Do me a favor and write me at juliaNOSPAM@transyouth.net (but remove the NOSPAM) instead of yahoo, it's too hard to keep my mail under quota.

That's right, I purchased transyouth.net and some more web space. (100 times more than bianca gives, to be precise!) I've actually had it for a while, and I've been waiting to announce it until I've launched it, but I might as well provide the link and have the search crawlers index it now. This site will eventually be moving and incorporated by transyouth.net.

Transyouth.net will be more than just anoter crossdressing page--it will be a resource for all transgendered youth, with articles, art, poems, links, message boards, trans success stories, trans news, and more, all by and for trans youth. And don't worry, I'll still include fun stuff like VRCD and crossdressing dares. If you have anything you'd like to submit to transyouth, please email me.

Things are good, I'm living in Berkeley for the summer and working on my Trans Youth Survival Guide.

That's all for now--I'll get to email soon!

love julia

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