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February 2002

Here's a recent photo of me in a short dress that my girlfriend gave me and jeans and a jacket. It's casual--I'm still wearing dresses and skirts casually on a day to day basis without makeup or anything else. The beauty of this was that I could zip up my jacket and the dress would be covered, making it look like I was just wearing a sweater, pants, and a jacket, which allowed me to crossdress in a city for the first time.


Drag Ball 2001

Here's some new photos of me about to go to drag ball! I'm wearing a vinyl ball gown, 5" thigh high vinyl boots, and vinyl opera gloves.

juliadragball1.jpg | juliadragball2.jpg | juliadragball3.jpg

Self portraits with a digicam, Spring '99

Here are some older photos to show what I look like in a normal day to day basis. Usually when I dress I don't try to pass, so I'm not stuffing or wearing makeup in any of them--I usually just look like a guy in a dress, my preferred expression of gender. This is the type of stuff I normally way, though these are from my shyer, skinnier days as a closeted crossdresser in high school.

In a green dress:

julia16.jpg | julia17.jpg | julia13.jpg

And, proving that you don't necessarily need women's clothes to crossdress, in an airplane blanket and a purple T-shirt (and hair in braids):

julia1.jpg | julia2.jpg | julia6.jpg

Oberlin Transgender Awareness Week, 2000

In a skirt and a T-shirt that you can't read in the picture, but says: "'Oberlin College Recognizes Choices of Dress and Appearance as Issues of Free Speech and Expression.' -The Oberlin College Regulations Book...Happy Transgendered Awareness Week, April 4-11."


With FTM transgendered activists Loren Hyler (left) and Yosenio Lewis (right):


Two more photos are available on my egroup, but you have to sign up for my egroup to see them!

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