Who are you?

I'm just your average teenager, but with an expanded fashion taste. I am a sophomore in college.

So you're a crossdresser?


Are you open about it?

Yes. I've come out to my mom, dad, sister, godmother, boss, roommate, friends, and I dress publicly maybe once or twice a week at school.

How did your friends react?

They've been AWESOME about it. They're ALL totally cool with it. I've been amazingly lucky...I haven't had any real bad experiences with coming out to anyone. Even my ex girlfriend, whom I had been going out with freshman year, was a wealth of support, and offered me tips and suggestions. When I first realized I was a crossdresser, I was filled with such self hatred and hatred towards other crossdressers. It took me a long time to accept both myself and others like me. But having this site and being in contact with lots of wonderful transgendered people has really helped me in discovering who I am and what I stand for.

Your name's not Julia, right?

No. :-) Obviously if I want to keep this page anonymous I can't use my real name. It also seems to be a habit of crossdressers to give themselves female alter egos...I guess that's what I'm doing, but it's only for the sake of remaining anonymous. I'm a crossdresser, not transsexual (see the terms page), which means that I crossdress just for fun and as a form of self expression. Though I identify with transsexuals and think I understand where they're coming from, I think I'm pretty happy being a man. So I don't believe that I really am Julia or anything. It's just nice having a feminine alias. Why the name Julia? 'Cause it's an awesome name, that's why!

How long have you known you were a crossdresser?

In eighth grade, I was thinking about crossdressers, and I wasn't sure if I was one or not. I figured the best way to find out was to try it. (Don't knock it 'till you try it, right?) I tried on a dress in private and looked at myself in the mirror, and decided, "this is sick," and took it off. I didn't ever want to be caught or become one of the "freaks" you see on talk shows all the time, and so I didn't crossdress for another year or so. Society had drilled it into my brain that crossdressing is weird and wrong and sick, and I wanted as much as possible to fit in with the norm of society. (If you're reading this and thinking, "but it is sick," maybe you should analyze why you're thinking that. I guarantee that it's not an original thought.) But all this time I've known in the back of my head that I was a crossdresser...It's just taken me four years to accept it.

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