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Here are my top 5 favorite stores:

1 Tall Girl

2 Rainbow

3 Bebe

4 Express

5 Urban Outfitters

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I love you Tyra
Photo courtesy of Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret
Trends - Lingerie
Sizes - Small to Large
Fitting Rooms - Women's
Prices - Decent
Online Store - Yes

Victoria's Secret seems to be many crossdressers' favorite store, and for good reason--They have nice, well made lingerie, and their store screams femininity. I used to be frightened out of my wits to go into their stores for some reason, perhaps because their stores are so cluttered and so feminine, but now that I've gone in, they're really not as intimidating as they look. Their clothes are sexy and aren't too expensive. I'm not a big lingerie fan, because I generally shop things that I'd look good in and I don't look good in skimpy clothing, but if you're looking for lingerie, this is the place to go.

Photo courtesy of Chico's
Trends - Business Casual
Sizes - Medium to Large range
Fitting Rooms - Women's
Prices - Pricey
Online Store - Yes

Don't be fooled by their young, beautiful models--Most of Chico's clothes seem to be for middle-aged women. I was kind of bored by their clothes and I don't think there was anything there a teen would buy. Kind of too businessy for me.

Photo courtesy of North Beach Leather
North Beach Leather
Trends - Leather
Sizes - Medium Range
Fitting Rooms - Segregated
Prices - Yikes!
Online Store - No

I saw an ad for North Beach Leather and had checked out their website before going to their store--Wow. If you want incredible, incredible sexy clothes, go to North Beach Leather. But girl, you're going to pay for it. Most of their clothes cost over $1000. The salespeople (both men) did not seem TG friendly, or friendly at all, though--They gave me condescending looks I think because, holding my skateboard and wearing skater clothes, I didn't look like the type of person who could afford this stuff. (I can't.) Their clothes are awesome, but I won't be buying any until I'm rich enough to be throwing money away. You're paying for the design, but if you're looking for cheaper leather you should try other places first.

Photo courtesy of Banana Republic
Banana Republic
Trends - Gappy and Preppy but Generic
Sizes - Medium Range
Fitting Rooms - Segregated
Prices - Pricey
Online Store - Yes

There wasn't anything really exciting about Banana Republic - they sell what's popular in current mainstream fashion. They have some nice clothes, especially sweaters, but nothing particularly unique. I like most women's clothes, so I could probably find something I liked here, but if you're creating your own sense of style and fashion, why not shop for something more unique somewhere else?

Photo courtesy of The Limited, Inc.

The Limited (only has company info and statistics)
Trends - "simple, sophisticated, modern sportswear..." (according to their website)
Sizes - Medium Ranges
Fitting Rooms - Women's
Prices - Sales good
Online Store - No

I was impressed with the Limited's huge sales and nice clothing. Though their items at regular price are expensive, they had a lot of sales and some good deals. They had a wide range of clothing, and some really nice dresses and sweaters. Some of their clothes were ugly--Like their long plain skirts with frills on the bottom--But they also have some cute clothes too and at good prices.

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