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Here are my top 5 favorite stores:

1 Tall Girl

2 Rainbow

3 Bebe

4 Express

5 Urban Outfitters

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Photo courtesy of Express
Trends - Urban Night Out
Sizes - Medium range
Fitting Rooms - Women's
Prices - Good
Online Store - No

Express is another one of my favorite stores. Again their clothes are mainstream cliché, but they're also very femme and cute. They have great, trendy tops, along with lots of other great clothes. They have some great deals, too--When I was there they had T-shirts for $10. They're a lot like Bebe but less expensive. I also like the atmosphere (friendly, and teen oriented but tasteful). One of my favorite places to shop. Also, check out their website, it's incredible.

Photo courtesy of
Almeda Mall
Casual Corner
Can't find Website
Trends - Business, Business Casual
Sizes - Medium to Large Range
Fitting Rooms - Women's
Prices - Decent
Online Store - ?

More business clothes for middle-aged women. They had some cute small, short dresses, but I don't look good in small short dresses so they didn't interest me. Also, can any one find their website?

Photo Courtesy of Wet Seal
Wet Seal
Trends - Urban Night Out
Sizes - Small
Fitting Rooms - Women's
Prices - Great
Online Store - Yes

Sometimes you can tell what type of store you're in by who shops there--In this case, trendy little 7th graders who had short skirts and a vague notion of what sex is. (Anyone read that Onion article?) Although they had great prices there and everything was on sale, everything was also in tiny sizes and short and wouldn't fit the average crossdresser. If you happen to be tiny, this is the store for you, but for most of us, it isn't.

"Sha, we're so rich and preppy!"
Photo courtesy of Abercrombie & Fitch
Abercrombie & Fitch
Trends - Sport clothes, woodsy, preppy
Sizes - Medium Ranges
Fitting Rooms - Segregated
Prices - Pricey
Online Store - Yes

Abercrombie was disappointing to me, because it's so trendy right now and because I liked my friend's thick, ribbed, large-neck sweater that she got there. But as I went into Abercrombie for the first time, I realized that most of the clothes were sporty, like you were about to go mountain climbing, and unisex. They weren't technically unisex clothes, but all of the women's clothes were traditionally men's clothes, like at the gap. They don't even sell skirts or dresses. And I didn't find my friend's sweater.

Photo courtesy of Gap, Inc.
Baby Gap
Trends - Baby Clothes
Sizes - Really, Really Small
Fitting Rooms - Coed
Prices - Kind of Expensive
Online Store - Yes

Hehe, just checking to see if you were actually reading this.

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