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Here are my top 5 favorite stores:

1 Tall Girl

2 Rainbow

3 Bebe

4 Express

5 Urban Outfitters

Store Reviews

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Image courtesy of Rainbow
Rainbow (a horrible website, but a great store)
Trends - Urban Night Out, Casual
Sizes - Small to Plus Sizes
Fitting Rooms - Women's
Prices - Extremely Cheap
Online Store - No

I have been to this place three times in the course of a year, and every time I've been there everything has been on clearance. The first time I went I thought they were going out of business; Now I believe everything is always on clearance. I don't know how they do it, but their prices are incredible. I have bought a $15 Asian dress, an $8 velvet tank top, and a great $35 women's winter jacket there, and they're some of my favorite clothes I own. They also have plus sizes. If you're looking for great clothes at a great place, this is the best place to shop.

Photo Courtesy of Tall Girl
Tall Girl
Trends - Formal, Casual, Business
Sizes - Medium to Plus, Tall!
Fitting Rooms - Women's
Prices - Decent
Online Store - No

Tall Girl is my favorite place to shop. It has clothes that fit girls taller than me (and I'm 6'4!), great styles, and moderate prices. This is the only store in this list where I tried something on in the store--And they're TG friendly! This is where I bought my long red prom dress for drag ball that reaches my toes. (Subscribe to my egroup for a photo). I asked a saleslady if I could try some dresses on and she said to wait for two adjacent dressing rooms to be free first. Once they were, she kindly helped me. They have a great brochure and also sell large shoes in Canada. Plus, there's always lots of cute, tall g.g.'s shopping in their stores. ;-)

Photo Courtesy of Old Navy
Old Navy
Trends - Casual
Sizes - Medium
Fitting Rooms - Segregated
Prices - Not Bad
Online Store - Yes

I actually boycotted Old Navy for a long time because I hate their adds so much. But once I went in to one of their stores, I realized they have cute, trendy clothes for cheap prices. Their clothes come in all sorts of colors including hideous bright and neon ones, but they also have some good shades to choose from. If you can ignore their cheesy marketing scheme, their gaudy decorations, and the pop culture that surrounds them, this is a fun place to shop.

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