Why is this just a Teen Crossdressing site?

This site seems to encompass more than just teen related issues. Why is it specifically a teen crossdressing site?

While a lot of people have known they were crossdressers all their life, and there's also other crossdressers who don't admit it until after their teen years, a whole lot of people discover that they crossdress while they're a teen. Things are confusing enough as it is when you're a teen--You have to deal with puberty, finding your identity, having friends, school, work, and growing up, among other things. In terms of personal expression and choices of clothing, teens in some ways have both the most freedom (look at the rave, goth, and punk trends for example) and the least (teens can be murderously brutal with each other if they don't fit in). Being a teen myself, I want to express myself, support others, and make friends who support me. There's a few teen crossdressing sites on the web, but not enough. I also want to make the world more aware of teen crossdressers.

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