Wohoo! I couldn't be happier with the amount of hits that this site has been getting, and with all the great emails and chats I've been having with so many of you. Thanks so much to all of you that have stopped by, especially you regulars that have contributed suggestions, links, ideas, and conveyed your wonderful personalities and love to this site. You have no idea how therapeutic this has been for me as a crossdresser and fun for me just to meet all you guys.

Thanks for all of your support!

love julia


Created May 9, 1999


April 16 - Added 3 new pics from dragball
March 26 - Fixed images and fixed background on every page, updated journal, what is a crossdresser
January 26 - Deleted Bianca Forum and Bianca Chat


October 23 - Put back link to bianca forum now that it works again
October 18 - Took down link to bianca forum because errors with the bianca server wouldn't let me edit it
October 17 - Updated Fashion
September 3 - Updated Journal
August 3 - Added flash intro
July 21 - Since last update: Answered 6 months of old email, updated links, added 9 new friends to see, redid covering your tracks, made store reviews and fashion section
June 27 - Messed with top images
June 20 - Revamped Site!!! Wohoo!
April 7 - Lost track of this log for a while...But since march 1, have added Amanda to the see my friends page, continued to delete spam from the forum, and updated journal
March 1 - Added Interviews, new test forum
Jan 16 - Added jenny's page to the links page...Check it out! Also put up more pics of erin on the friends page
Jan 9 - Responded to all 40 emails, wrote entry in journal, added Erin to friends page, publicized my new Teencd egroup
Jan 7 - Started the Crossdressing Revolution, and registered an easier domain:,
Jan 6 - Moderated Forum


Dec 31 - Wore skirt for new year's
Dec 10 - Wore dress to party
Dec 6 - Redid site to make presentable for my sister to see and for my college's GLBT time capsule
Nov 27 - Came out to sister
Nov 24 - Added Christa to friends page
Nov 15 - Spilled my guts in the journal, reorganized entries by month, posted to guestbook, updated forum
Nov 14 - Quick update to links page (some links to my friends' links were broken)
Nov 4 - All my friends on a listserv found out about this site, due to a stupid error on my part...Cleaned up site, tried to make it more presentable (I don't want to censor everything, but some of it was just too embarrassing)
Sep 7 - Deleted pics of me and crossdressing tip of the week page because I'm uncomfortable having them up when my mom knows about the site
Aug 24 - Sep 6 - My mom found out, and I went to college
Aug 22 - Added Crossdressing Tip of the Week page
Aug 20 - Revamped Table of Contents, added images, added pics of me, added See my friends page
Aug 13 - Censored forum, updated links
Aug 10 - Brief update to Table of Contents
Aug 3 - Brief update to Table of Contents
July 31-Aug 2 - Bianca servers down
July 29 - Updated journal and more ideas
July 24 - Reread every single page on the site, made sure it was still up to date and said what I wanted it to say, spellchecked everything
July 23 - Reversed order of this list and journal, updated journal, answered all email
June 15 - July 22 - Went traveling, could not update
June 14 - Went to prom in tux
June 13 - Talked to mom about the idea of going to prom in a dress, got shot down. So, I'll be going in a tux. (see journal)
June 12 - Graduated from high school, Decided to go to Prom in a dress, added journal entry
June 11 - Posted new pic, added "What's New" to Table of Contents
June 8 - Made Crossdressing is Healthy page
June 6 - Bought prom dress, wrote in journal about it
June 5 - Deleted all links and references to Daria on all pages (except this one and geocities) (Nyssa suggested it; Better to just forget about the hoax instead of hyping it by telling everyone it's a hoax)
June 4 - Quick update, posted new pic, answered all email
June 2 - I shouldn't be here, I have a term paper and presentation due tomorrow that I haven't started yet...Just procrastinating...Anyway, I cleaned out spam from the forum (when will they learn?), and emailed alex about the broken link
June 1 - Updated Dares, answered all my email, had a lovely pager chat with Alex and Andrea, updated journal, and updated links--Guess what? Alex made a homepage! It's very nice. Check it out! Alex's Crossdressing Homepage 14 page term paper
May 31 - Put more pics up
May 29 - Updated Journal, posted pic of me, made email page, updated dares page, answered ALL of my email (wohoo!)
May 22 - Woke up at 3 AM, made Journal
May 12 - Added "Your Dares" section to Dares page
May 13 - Recreated Guestbook
May 12 - Added "Your Dares" section to Dares page
May 10 - Dealing with Guestbook problems...
May 11 - Created Censorship page, reorganized links, edited more ideas
May 9 - Created I'm dumb, this page, updated chat page

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